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Body - Passion : annuaire de la beauté corporelle


For the first time on the world Tempo Concept (Philippe Ayache) invented the temporary tattoo gold :

As soon by the photographs I used the powder in 18-carat gold for the heart on the chest and gold leaf to 22 carats on the wrist.

Black Henna Tattoo

Art, pleasure, personal aesthetic touch, accessible to anyone.

You are a private person, a tattoo or aesthetic professional, body decorator, body painter, artistic make up, hair dresser / you own a shop in a tourist place, beauty accessories, jewellery and you want to be at the top of the fashion, the this web site is for you.

Henna tattoo is now available in the 21sr century’s fashion. You have probably already found out : ask your friends, your colleagues, anyone you know and you will be surprised that a lot of these people have already tried henna tattoo or better, a lot want to have a tattoo.

On this web site, you will discover the origins of black henna, and how easy it is to use. Then, you will see through the photos which design you like or your clientele would like.

You will see that henna tattoo is accessible to everyone.

It is a fashion phenomenon that is spreading on everyone, the small ones and adults from everywhere.

Henna tattoo allows you to realise your dreams, temporary, improves a part of your body, and will attract everyone’s eyes on you. Madonna has a lot on her hands, Bruce Willis on his bold head, Michael Jackson paid his 2000 dollars, my mother realised her dream for her 66th birthday, she tried Henna Tattoo.

It’s a dream ! ! !

It is an accessory that offers lots of different possibilities of design :

Tribal, Chinese, astrology symbols, Chinese calligraphy, Japanese, Egyptian, animals, imaginative, unusual, pin-up, erotic, symbols, ethnic, arts, Halloween, Maoris, Polynesian, Mexicans, Oriental, mystic animals : Dragon...P>

It is unlimited ! ! !

The kit and notice will give everyone the opportunity to realise a Henna Tattoo.

It is easy ! ! !

You will see that if you follow my advice, you will avoid skins reactions (allergies and other skin problems).

There is no risk ! ! !

The full kit is only 46 Euro for approximately 50 tattoos.

It is cheap ! ! !

And for the one who want to start a business with a very little investment, this is a great idea. For over five years, we are a lot doing tattoos in the streets, beaches... We will have a great season with a great income.

It is an activity which can bring back much money to you!


Pour tout achat supérieur à 50 €€ : Henna tattoo vous offre un catalogue tatous de 300 motifs d'une valeur de 23 €€.


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